Wellington - living our dream!

A flat, a place for christmas, a job, a good car, friends around you...that is our dream!


Staying at Jasons fancy house (Couchsurfing) with other Couchsurfers - amazing cooks! - we got a perfect welcome in the capital. The next morning Mira received a text from Jason that we can stay as long as we want and could also keep his house for the five weeks he's off for work (offshore park). That means we have a place until the end of January! Wuhuu what a good day! It means: no accommodation to pay, no annoying snorers in your room, free internet, saving all the money we earn and this amazing view!  I have a certain place to stay until leaving to Bali! Our dream came true! :)

Things were good again and I enjoyed beeing with the Girls. Didn't regret to stay with them - yeah, they're my lovely ladies! :)

Highly motivated I handed out 25 CV's in the city and applied for hospitality-jobs. After two days I already got an interview and two trials. Good occation to go and check out Wellington's Nightlife. Should be the best in the whole Country.
Short excursion: While we've been in Rotorua I was scared that things do not work out in Wellington and that I don't get a job. So I alredy applied online for something, received a text with an invitation for an interview and told my ladies. They stared at me as if I'm an alien and asked: 'Did you apply for the airport job? It is for 6 months.' I said 'No, there were two offers, one for 6 months and anotherone. I applied at the other one. It's called Mermaid Bar. Why are you looking so weird at me?' 'MARINA! No! You applied at a Strip Club! Didn't you read the text?' 'Yes I did, it was something with >you wanna make extra tip<'. So I applied in a strip club! :/ that is so embarrassing! They started laughing so bad and as you know, if something like this happens to your friend you tell the story to others and so my lovely friends did. I got teased every day :(

Back to the nightlife story: Jason led us through the street with all the clubs and said he want's to show me something...guess what: He showed me the Mermaid Bar and told me he can introduce me to it's manager (seriously Jason, are you a customer there?!? ;D), I took a very nice picture at the entrance but refused to enter.

After my two trials which went pretty well I had to wait: Melissa got the job in the Café and the others didn't reply. So we passed our days hanging 'round in sweat pants, drinking coffee or tea, baking christmas coockies, eating, watching movies and waiting for a call. Basically that was it. Sounds extremely boring but honestly, we enjoyed it so bad!

Unfortunately it is already 3 weeks before I leave to Bali (20.12.) and I still didn't get any reply. I would have lied to my bosses telling them after 2 weeks that I got my chrismas present from my mom and it is a flight to Bali over chrismas so I'm leaving in a week. I thought it isn't worth it to wait for another trial and have to wait for the final decision again, then there's the contract I had to sign and the cancellation period...
Additionally Jason sent Mira a text that things have changed and we have to move out, next tuesday - his family comes over for christmas and keeps the house.

Oh kay...that sucks! So only three more nights. Means: hardcore searching for couchsurfing places, sending CV's, etc. we just didn't want to pay for hostels.

In the end i decided to leave Wellington completely. I found a place in Waverley - a really really remote place in nowhere! I would have to help this guy cleaning up his old villa so that he can sell it. 4hrs work a day, no salary but accommodation and food for free. Actually I don't want that and prefer a paid job but not paying anything is still better than spending all for hostels. I took it and told my ladies about my plan: Ey, I leave you next monday. Mira is also thinking 'bout leaving Wellington and go for her own travels, Catherine wants to go to the South Island as soon as she got something there. But nothing of that was sure. Melissa felt so bad beeing the last one of our independent woman group who is left....

It seems that our plan and christmas toghether have failed -.-

While texting to our two friends Dario and Fabi who arrived at the bay of plenty and already got a job I decided to come up to Tauranga and forget about Wellington's jobs. Just go and adventure.
Plans don't work out here, I got it!
We are not mad about Jason kicking us out, the point is that we have to find something else in closer time. The girls cancelled all their house sitting offers because we already had Jasons house for sure. They also told our friends to come and celebrate chrismas with them. Cancelled...

For me the time travelling with the ladies is coming to an end. It's been 3 months and somehow is so sad. This time will be captured in my memories...experiences and all the amazing good stuff we've made! Thank you Girls I'm sure I will cry some tears when I get into the bus saying goodbye.
I have and want to do my own thing even if it's not easy leaving my 'home' (the girls) which has meant security for me. I'm gonna miss baking bread, Parsley, you laughing, the Independant Women Trip CD's with our songs...Little Numbers, Thriftshop, Dingue Dingue Dingue ,and a lot more. To summarize the time I can only say "and this was fucking awesome" ;)

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire with Catherine, Mira, Sabrina and Melissa on November 26th :)

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