Tauranga Central Backpackers

Wellington and girls adieu, Tauranga hello! Hard step but necessary. I've spend my last day with my awesome ladies in a national park end enjoyed a real good dinner. It was perfect. Käsespätzle and a Chocolate Tart :) Somebody should say we wouldn't cook...

After my arrival in Tauranga I was waiting for the boys to pick me up - as to expect, they weren't there. I definitely have too much luggage and can't carry all by myself but in this case I had to. And I had to find the way to the backpackers which I didn't look up before. Marina-Style^^

While entering the Backpackers Dario and Fabi hugged me to say hello they wanted to come and pick me up... wow excellent timing^^ :D This backpackers is the dirtiest I've ever seen, that is really disgusting. I thought about taking the vacuum to clean the room myself. Bah! People are great there and so I stayed a week hoping for work. It was raining almost every day so there was no work to do and after the raining days only work for boys. Damn it. I just want to work, no matter what!!  Then I decided to leave after the week and suddenly got a job offer.. Pff, nah!

Partying the night and chillaxing the days - that was my weekly programe. Oh I even made a bit of Sport :o went out for a run... I've met some really nice people there, survived the indian invasion in our hostel (well, shouldn't complain because we germans are taking over NZ) and had some fun parties. I saw Mount Maunganui and waited for Tuesday to arrive. Leaving for new adventure :)

Mount Maunganui was supposed to look like this

but I saw it looking like that: not that beautiful but still fine! :)

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