Auckland to Wellington

Travelling in our new car with our new member Mira is gonna be an adventure :)

We are ready to go down to Wellington, find a flat and a Job. But first of all we stopped in Rotorua - the stinky town. There are mud pools and geysirs that make Rotorua smelling like a mixture of rotton eggs, smelly feet and poo. Yummey...enjoy your meal^^ But well, to be honest it was not that bad. Rotorua's abundant geothermal activity (hot springs, mud pools...) results in large amounts of sulphur compounds and hydrogen sulphide released in the atmosphere which is responsible for the acrimonious smell.


Melissa, Mira and I found a cheap offer for rafting and one morning...we did it! :) It is so amazing and paddling down the waterfalls was great fun, we went down the largest oneyou can get for rafting: 7meters high (at least, that is what they told us).
We didn't see any geysirs and didn't take a bath in the hot springs/ mud pools what Rotorua is famous for, was just not affordable in the moment. We've all spent our money for travelling since we arrived. So it was time to earn some money.

After Rotorua was Taupo, the great lake of Taupo in the middle of the North Island. It's a great place and I would definitely come back. There's so much to do, especially a Tongariro Alpine Crossing and all kind of action sports. We saw the volcanic valley with the steaming rocks, a bad smelling mud pool and the largest hot spring with 80°C. So no swimming :(


The Huka Falls are super amazing! I love waterfalls and I'm pretty sure, these are my favourite:


Taupo - yeah pretty embarassing but this was where we sat at Mc Donald's for hours to get free Wifi with a real bad connection.
We just wished we get free Wifi at the Couchsurfing place in Napier, our next destination. That was actually quite funny: while walking in at the lake Rotorua we stopped to enjoy the few and two People started talking to us. After we explained them what Couchsurfing is about, the guy invited us to come and stay at his place :) Perfect!

So Napier and Hastings - the Artdeco Cities. Well we were all a bit dissappointed of the Artdeco City 'cause there was not a lot of impressive art to see. So we enjoyed sitting at the Hawkes Bay, eating ice cream on a strawberry field and driving up the Te Mata Peak in Hastings for a 360° view.

Somehow I didn't feel that good travelling with the ladies anymore and was a bit annoyed of them. They are always there for me when I don't feel good and I appreciate that. I'm never alone but that's're never alone and sitting on each other doesn't improve it. Everyone had her own problem, I was worried of finding a Job and a flat. Furthermore I was thinking of leaving them already before flying to Bali (where I meet Kevin and my Family for a couple of weeks :) ) and so I was scared of being alone, still stuck with the shared car... We didn't find a flat and it seems not to work out so it was bothering me even more :( Catherine and Melissa were sticking together 'cause they were the last two people from our group, who stay the longest in Wellington and had to find a certain home. But anyway I said to myself to give it a try in Wellington, I am free and not forced to stay with them.It could also just be just a feeling because everyone is bothered by their own issues and a little grumpy.

So after almost a week of travelling we said: Wellingtoooooon!
We made a stop at the place with the longest place name in the world that had even not it's name on the signs:



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