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Back to the City! Auckland for a Saturday night! Wuhuu :)

Our to do list for Auckland:

- Go out on a Saturday night
- Sell Marina's Car
- Buy a new car
- Pick Mira up

We made it all! So after cleaning my car and setting the add everywhere we stayed at a carmarket for a few hours. That was weird! It was full of car dealers and it were only  30 cars. So in the end it was not really worth it to go there. Except of meeting a german girl searching for a car. She was actually not interested in my car but we told her what to care about when buying one and offered her to try driving on the left side, etc.
So after this senseless car market we prepared ourselfes to go out and sat in Bamber with our friends :)
Going out at 10.30 and starting in a gay karoke bar followed by a really good club in ford street
 and ending up in Code for a bit. At around 5.00 we said we need to go back and get at least an hour of sleep to be ready for the big carmarket on Sunday.

We started the day with a big breakfast and hurried to show the car to friends of that german Girl from yesterday who texted me she might be interested now. We hoped she's gonna take it but it didn't seem like that so we took her to the carmarket with us.
I bought my car for 1700$ and tried to sell it for 2500$ on Saturday. Some started laughing so I've set it down to 2.200$. I had to change tires and paid for carmarkets and adds in the Internet so in the end, I had to pay 200$ extra. I got a few interested people in my car who were quite fine with the price but needed a few days to think about it. Damn it, that doesn't work for me. We had to leave Auckland on the following Tuesday!! So in the end I sold it for 1900$ to the girl. WOW! SOLD IT!
So....that means finding a new car in an hour. Well 10 minutes before closing we made the deal for our new car - a Subaru Legacy from 1997, big trunk, perfect :)

Fu** that was actually a pretty exhausting day. In the evening Mira arrived - the german friend of Melissa who wants to travel with us - the reason to buy a bigger car! She is lovely and we thought straight from the beginning that she fitts perfectly in the group! (never regret to take her with us!)

So Monday, the day we fixed the deals. We transfered my lovely old Nissan Pulsar to the girl and she brought us to the place for our car. We paid for the car but had to change the cam belt (Zahnriemen). Therefore we had to wait 6hours. While waiting in the mall Catherine told us she's afraid that the car dissapeared because the cardealer and the mechanic were friends and probably they've made a deal to fool us. So we all started to be frightened to lose our money. It were 2200$. :/ 5hours later was the point we couldn't wait we went back. Pff it was still there! Luckily :)

Tuesday: Bye Bye Auckland - again!

Spice Girls - Wannabe
Proclaimers - 500 Miles
Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing

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