The Silence of Northland

Yeah! 2weeks vacation! :) Starting our trip from Raglan to Whangarei with a flat tire that we inflated at all the gasstations, we finally arrived in Bamber House for a stop-over.. On a Sunday afternoon with public holiday following we three clever^^ ladies started searching for a mechanic because Stefan told us we can not drive with that, is too dangerous. Yeees, but what to expect?! Nothing's open :/ Well then....Safety Tire!! While Stefan tried to remove the flat tire we put out the doghnut until he started laughing so bad: "It's a fucking joke! :D Ladies it's even more dangerous to drive with that! No you can't do that. :D Just go and inflate it on every petrolstation. Haha that is so bad"
Being pissed, grumpy and hungry we got ready to go up north, drove to inflate our 'lovely tire' and grabbed a pizza. Surprisingly Andrew - the hostelmanager - found a mechanic! It was an Indian guy sitting in his Garage waiting for something to happen... somehow strange BUT he was our hero! In the end it took us 9hrs to arrive at Kim's Couchsurfing place. A lovely girl with lovely friends! We enjoyed being there chatting with them, sleeping at Whale- and Sandy bay and coming home to EAT! :)

Paihia was our next destination: Bay of Islands. Lee should be our next host but nice was something else. He called us boring, we had to drive and pick him up from his pup at night, he woke us everytime, insulted us -especially me and I was afraid of him touching us. Days were nice 'cause we weren't there and enjoyed Bay of Islands. Well...I had enough after two nights and told my mates to escape earlier. So we did That was the first time I didn't have any place to stay for the night.Happy Halloween! Luckily we got a bed ad Lakshay's house, an Indian dentist from Kerikeri who turned out to be amazing. He was so gentle, sitting 'round with us talking, taking us to Mangouni to eat New Zealand's best Fish and Chips, organising a sailing trip for us and making a Bollywood night :D  No open wishes! :)


Two níghts later: bye Lakshay, hello Kaitaia and Cape Reinga, the northerest Part of NZ. Ahh I have to add: We were so dissappointed about these towns up there! All the stores and Cafés shut down at 4:30 pm! WTF!
8:30 pm in the Hostel in Kaitaia, we are hungry; driving to the supermarket. CLOSED! :/ Good so let's drive to the petrolstation and get the most expensive toast ever.. Yeii. The Police followed me suddenly :O AAAAAH "What should I do!? Do they follow ME? What NO, I've never been stopped by a Police! Fuck where's my WOF (=TÜV) Ah, Oh no, they mean me, what is wrong? I am not too fast!?!"... So this young, hot officer knocked on my window telling my that my backlights are not working. (What else can be wrong with this shitty old car?!?) We had luck and didn't get anything apart from the feeling to be sooo dumb!
Next day in Cape Reinga was a huge friends-meeting and we felt so good to see them all again. We had to leave them the same day which made us pretty sad...


Well next: Kohukohu Wwoofing. Alec the owner was a nice old man who showed us how to Smash macadamia, gave us good fruit to try and shared his knowledge about birds and history. Sound's pretty nice, yeah. If there weren't These awful campervans we had to sleep in, the outside toilet, the Spiders we are afraid of and this old dirty house coverd in spiderwebs and fungy which reminded of an old shed. Ssscary!  There was nothing in Kohukohu, no signal, to wifi-connection no town no nothing. We left earlier as well but eyy: we stayed at least 3 nights.

Escape to Kim in Whangarei, meet Fabi and Dario and enjoy beeing back to civilisation! After two weeks we said that Northland is awesome and beautiful but one way or another it's just too lonely. Closing all at 4:30 and having no people around you is not our thing... at least we had each other and an experience that showed us what we like and what not.

                                                    3 tourists in Kawakawa - the Hundertwasser Village

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