Hobbiton Movieset, wahuii :)

Starting with the Hobbit Movienight on Friday we wanted to get into the Hobbit - Mood. Somehow we all made it so fall asleep while watching it. So I have never seen the whole Hobbit. (quite sad..)

26/10/2013:  finish work get a one-minute-shower, grab a few carrotts and the roadtrip starts. Dario, Fabi, Catherine, Melissa and I sat in the scary old boy's campervan listening to thrift shop and were very excited to see the set! It was an amazingly beautiful day AND it was.the last workday on the farm. It was perfect and our mood was on the top!

Matamata – Shires Rest Café – Welcome to Hobbiton! :)

We got a guided tour through the Shire, made some nice pictures, saw the fake tree above Bilbo's house (Wow, they made such a big thing out of a tree - only a tree - and in the end it cost them a few million dollar! Crazy people), having a funny party at the partyfield and finally got a pint in the 'green dragon' where we dressed up and Fabi looked like a real hobbit. :D

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