Pakoka River Station

Arriving at the Pakoka River Station - the farm I've already been in September - feels like coming home. I know where everything is, know the people and most important: I have my ladies with me. Pretty nice :) but as it is really dirty in the house we started cleaning straight after arriving.

Working.. yeah I've already known what's on: killing thistles, my best friends^^
We killed 305.984 thistles!
Joke, have no clue but it were so many... the paddocks looked like a battlefield.

As the Farm is quite remote (like all of them) I packed my girls after work and drove to some places so that the afternoons are that boring like hiking around, eating or sleeping the whole afternoon 'cause of a sunstroke. One day in Hamilton we planned to walk around at the lake Rotoroa and see Hamilton Gardens. What we finally made was that:

The atmosphere here was pretty good. The owners weren't there and it was all so easy going. When the owners came back it changed and the atmosphere was weird! Fortunately it wasn't for so long :)
While they were here, Steve went out with them to check their bees, got a stitch in his face and after the reaction he looked like that: :D Sorry Steve! :D

Well...we've been to Raupuke Beach with the guys - Dario, Fabi and Steve. Starting with the petrol meter 'fuel empty' and hoping it's enough we've made it to the beach (ouh yes) and finally got over narrow gravel roads to the next petrol station. Yeah, that was fun! :) Melissa and Catherine made a fire while the boys took a quick swim until Melissa burned her fingers so that we got back:/


The two weeks there spinned away so quick and now we're not even a week away and miss it already, the nice breakfast with a huge variety of food and Vincent's awesome Crêpes every morning...

True (and little sad) Story: 'Once at a lunch the french guy Vincent (23) who is living there for longer was asked why french people always eat their dinner so late at night. He answered seriously (honestly he was so serious): 'Yes, that is beeeecause.. you know the sun goes down late in France and that is because we eat so late'. :D


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