Raglan Backpackers

After the hostel tour from cutie-receptionist 'Aaron' Catherine and I were eating. Guess what, that's our passion!! ;-) Then again, to „burn calories“ we went out for kayaking. That is exhausting ay...my arms were burning!

We were waiting for lovely Melissa (the third girl of our independent women group) and other members of the Bamber-Family: Maria, Liran, Jackie and Peter. Meeting our friends is good and makes you feeling comfortable and home! Everybody comes together, hugs each other and tells what has to be told..

While eating dinner and having some drinks a GERMAN guy – of course - came to remind us not to forget cleaning our dishes! WTF?! Honestly...we know that we have to do it but PLEASE! let us finish eating...

The same guy came half an hour later – it was 9pm! – for telling us that it's already 'sleaping time' we shall be quiet... Well, okaaaay. good to know^^ Bamber House was the complete opposit. There was a party every day/night.
Anyway we went to a pub to recognize that we were already so tired that we walked back to sleep...

Next day startet quite boring. Rainy. Until afternoon everyone was hanging 'round doing nothing. The independent woman crew sat in the whirlpool and the rest went for a bike tour. Well done guys! At night we drove to Pakoka River Station for a Pizza night with Vincent and the guys there. It was pretty nice especially because the owners weren't there so we enjoyed it without any worries ;)

So far, Raglan was quiet without any exciting actions.

After the others left, Melissa Catherine and I went for a Yoga-Class – I was forced to join them!
At night we prepared ourselfes to go out. YOT-Club was the place to be! It started with a kitchenparty from us ladies until others joined us... That time (10/10.30?) I was too tipsy and got no more air. I went to my room to rest and around 11.15 we arrived at the YOT. There was a live band playing which was pretty good BUT it ended at 0.15... yeah! Raglan Style!


Anyway, back to the kitchenparty :) They shaved cutie-Aarons hair when he was drunk. Cool thing to see :) Or not..... (there was another guy crying 'cause it looked so bad)

Sunday's Creativemarket was our destination the next morning to buy a super cool „Pirates Only“ shield for my car. and a candle.
Back at the hostel and what to do next? Didn't wanna hang around at the farm... So why not taking a bike tour?

Bad idea, really bad idea! The shittiest bikes and so so uncomfortable. We made it 1km till our place to rest. I guess that says all...

Meeting the farm-crew and get another coffee made us driving to the farm and so the Pakoka River Station -Adventure begun... :)

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