Couchsurfing - quite risky, hmm?

...anyway always better than the farm. We were two girls and a boy so it was all right. When arriving in Campbridge we met this really nice family! A young couple with two children. They told us to take whatever we want and just to feel beeing home..

GREAT, that's all for free!    saving Moneeeeey :)

In the evening they had a bible meeting. WTF?!? Bible?! Oh noo! (You know I hate the curch especially the catholic one)
BUT we wanted to join them and actually it was great! They invited their friends (all between 25 - 30), talked about problems, nice experiences and all that happens. We explained them the situation we had at the farm and all the other stuff going on while backpacking.  
           THEN the praying round started: Everybody closed their eyes (I watched them and tried real hard not to laugh..) and the first person started. Everybody else listened... After a while I decided to close my eyes as well... The praying goes round the circle and everyone who wanted could have said something. 
            I thought to be a real part of that group I have to pray as well - even though I don't believe in lord... I thanked everyone praying for us to have good experiences and thanked lord to bring us into that nice family. Also for the awful farmlady to become happy one day - everyone laughed..

So we had fun staying and we will definitely try CS again! 

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