Plans change! Or probably: Don't even start to make a plan!

Ok, after we've been to the nice Lady from Whangarei we had to move out three nights earlier.. Sunday.. Ok, what to do?!? :O
Actually we got a Couchsurfing-place on Waiheke Island/ Auckland but the next day, this guy told us he has no space for us so we tried to get something else... (just didn't want to pay 'cause we haven't had a CERTAIN Job yet)
WWOOFING (staying on a farm, working for accommodation and Food) was the answer. Yep, after we applied for - it felt like a hundred farms, we got one in Omaha from Monday to Thursday.  yeii :)

Only Sunday and Monday night left... Well, luckily I have a few contacts around Auckand and so we've visited Janet in Orewa for a night.

During the drive we've passed Waipu Cove...

and Mangawhai. Beautiful beaches!

After a nice Coffee-Chat with Janet we walked at the beach in Orewa and cooked some Thai-Chicken. Then we made a plan for the next day...
Walking round Shakespeare Park (we walked 3hours and even weren't back at the carpark, so we hitchhiket back to it because we were too exhausted to go on :D)

and have lunch in Devonport.


Then we said "let's just go home and sleep in the car!" (our home is Bamber House in Auckland!!)
We didn't sleep in the car, 'cause we got a pretty cool cabin!!

So nice, we saw the whole Bamber Family there and felt so good to be with them! Just comming home and tell everybody what happened!!

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